For April Bring, The Flowers Inside!

After cold wet Winter, Spring is the highly anticipated herald of beloved summer. We look forward to long, bright days perhaps harking back to summers off from school when we had endless time. We brighten up our homes with flowers, start planning trips and events…Well, we do that all year but spring is special.

The Cottage View Bouquet


Around the country, snow crocuses are waiting to sprout and peak out of the earth. The green leaves of daffodils and hyacinths and tulips are on their way. Other areas are already seeing these little spots of color. Garden shops may carry the plant forms but flower shops have different options.


Tulips are available in most places as are lilies. According to, the origin of the name “tulip” is from scientific Latin tulipa "the tulip," from Turkish tülbent which literally means "turban". The Dutch got their tulips from Turkey.

Sunlit Treasures Bouquet

Lilies are native to various countries of the northern hemisphere and come in a range of colors but no blue, lavenders or true reds.

Sun Salutation Bouquet 

Blue/violet irises abound, but if you need white or yellow, call ahead and check for availability. According to Wikipedia, “The genus takes its name from the Greek word for rainbow”, which is also the name of the Greek goddess of the rainbow.


Spirit of Spring Basket
Depending on suppliers and rain conditions lilac season can be as early as February or as late as May. Please note that lilacs last only 3-4 days so they are extra special because their time is so short. Peonies may make a late appearance this year due to the abundance of rain and ongoing cold weather. They need a true cold or freeze to grow and bloom. Call the flower shop ahead of time if you are looking for daffodils or hyacinths.

At The Flower Factory, we aim to bring bright and colorful to you all year but spring is no exception.

The Rays of Life Bouquet

Whether you're looking to brighten up your home or send a thoughtful gift, a spring cut flower arrangement from The Flower Factory is sure to impress. With expert craftsmanship and a passion for beauty, each arrangement is a work of art that celebrates the joy of spring.